Posts 2008: Web 2.0 software I use every day

2008: Web 2.0 software I use every day

Following-up on Michael Arrington's post "2008: Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without", here are the Web 2.0 tools and services I use whenever I am behind the computer (I'll pass on the super-obvious ones like Google Search and Wikipedia which I doubt will be displaced any time soon):
  • Delicious: over 1900 entries and counting
  • SlimTimer: impossible to live without it at work
  • Basecamp: we use it at Orbeon to communicate with our customers (I even have a personal account for some To-Do lists)
  • Google Calendar: all my scheduled activities (including a few shared calendars)
  • Google Reader: about 200 feeds as of now (I switched a few months ago after being too frustrated with the reader in Thunderbird)
  • GMail: I currently use it mostly through OS X's Mail app thanks to the recent GMail IMAP support
  • Jott: an amazing newcomer (I just keep Jotting myself when in the US)
  • Firefox: 'nuf said, using 3.0 beta 2 on Mac OS X at the moment
  • Skype: VoiP and chat (I use SkypeOut and SkypeIn as well)
  • iTunes: music player and podcast platform (but for sure I won't buy any DRM-protected music from the iTunes Music Store)
Here are some other services I use frequently:
Some tools I like but which I don't use often:
  • Dopplr: I enter my trips there, but it hasn't been really useful to sync up with anybody yet
  • MindMeister: just a very cool piece of software
  • Amazon mp3 Store: I bought a few tracks to try it out, and I liked the smooth experience (just say no to DRM)
Incidentally, I have over 150 connections on LinkedIn and I am getting started on Facebook. So far I fail to find them either really useful or exciting. I bet I am missing something, but one reason could be that neither provides me with a comprehensive RSS or Atom feed of the last updates: I certainly won't bother visiting these sites every day until that happens.

I wonder how this landscape will change in one year. Hopefully there will be lots of improvements and good surprises!