Posts I want Java 6 on my Mac

I want Java 6 on my Mac

I am hereby (13949712720901ForOSX) casting my vote for Java 6 on Leopard. But even more importantly, I am asking Apple to realize that good communication is of the essence.

As much as I dislike Windows, I wouldn't have bought a USD 3000+ Mac Book Pro without Java on it, and many people I know wouldn't have either. I wouldn't be considering using Macs at home, or thinking about getting some of my family members to use Macs, if I wasn't using one daily in the first place. So you see, there is a little bit of a snowball effect here.

It is very important for us developers who use Java to know that Apple fully supports it, and plans to fully support it in the future. Delays in the release of new JDKs on the Mac are already annoying enough. Not even knowing whether we'll get those new releases is unacceptable.