Posts Facebook: quality vs. quantity

Facebook: quality vs. quantity

Why Are Dead People Liking Stuff On Facebook?

If Facebook can’t get this under control, what does that say about the value of its data? The persistence of these fake likes is an unnerving thing for Facebook users and investors alike.

I saw at least a couple such impossible “likes” in my Facebook News Feed. I agree that this kind of things are not helping Facebook.

The Facebook mobile app also has those things called “Suggested Posts”. Here is an example of what I see:

  • “Have your favorite songs played at parties with RequestNow”
  • “LIKE and SHARE this look inside The Bridge and discover the chilling secrets behind FX’s newest drama”
  • “Experience a night under the starry African sky”
  • Ad for Doctor who t-shirts
  • Eagle Club Indoor Golf
  • Ad for a Windows 8 Dell tablet

I would say 3 out of 6 kind of relate to my interests, although I am very unlikely to buy a t-shirt, book a trip to Africa, or buy a Windows tablet based on this kind of sponsorships. Overall, based on this little sample, those suggested posts are mostly annoying noise.

I wonder if the system is able to learn. Also, what if they only showed me a quarter, or a tenth of those “Suggested Posts”, but better targeted? What if Facebook erred on the side of quality rather than quantity?