Reading resolution: an update

At the beginning of October, I wrote about my reading resolution for that month. So, how did I do?

First, the numbers:

  • I hit 16 reading days out of 31.
  • I read on average 10 pages each reading day.
  • I read 170 out of about 300 pages.
  • To read 10 pages well and take notes, I needed 30–40 minutes, rarely less.

The bad:

  • I didn’t manage to read every day. I quickly figured out that it was almost impossible to read on the weekends, but even considering only weekdays, I still fell short with 16 out of 23 weekdays.
  • I didn’t reach 10 pages per day on average, which would have allowed me to finish the book. This is not surprising, as I would have had to read about double the number of page per reading day, given the reduction in reading days.

The good:

  • I did make great progress.
  • I have reading notes on github.
  • I learned about my effective “slow reading” speed.
  • I plan to continue this in November, with the differences that I will plan to read only on weekdays. I still plan to average 10 pages per reading day and to take notes. The plan is to finish the book by the end of November. Let’s see how that goes!

See also my Rabbit Rabbit Resolution Accountability Squad checkin for this month.

Update: It turns out I have to return the book to the library on November 7 as I can only extend it once. I ordered a used copy but that will arrive only in about a week if all goes well. So that will induce some delay.