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Reading resolution: an update

About a month and a half ago, at the end of September, I wrote about setting up a “GTD review buddy system” with Alex. I can report that it went pretty well:

  • Alex and I did 7 GTD review sessions, always on Monday at approximately 10 pm.
  • In my case, each review session lasted at least 30 minutes, and sometimes close to an hour. Yes, I have really a big backlog to process!
  • Yesterday, for the first time in maybe years, I managed to get down to zero items in my OmniFocus inbox, and to only about 20 items in my e-mail inbox, consisting mainly of really old items that I still need to sort through. “Inbox zero” is near!
  • I have made good progress on reviewing and organizing my work-related projects. I am maybe about 3/4 through.

I still need to review all my personal projects, a task that I haven’t started yet. I may or may not manage to be done reviewing all my project by the end of this year, but at this rate I should be pretty close. If everything goes well, I will be done catching up in early 2014, and then start doing regular GTD reviews, which should be much shorter.