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Comic Books


I grew up reading lots of comic books (AKA “bandes dessinées”). I read lots of Franco-Belgian comics including classics known all around the world, such as Tintin and Asterix, but also Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck which of course originate from the US. I am not a huge fan of the superhero comics or manga, but that might still come.

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Favorite comic books

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Among the classics

  • Tintin, by Hergé
  • Asterix
  • Yoko Tsuno
    • One particularity of this series is that the hero is a woman and women constitute the majority of the important characters of the stories (even though the author, Roger Leloup, is a man). This never bothered me the least as a boy and, as an adult, I still love the series.
  • Achille Talon
    • This series has been a favorite of mine ever since I encountered it (only the original albums by Greg).
    • It is probably impossible to translate this to English or other languages. The humor is quite tied to the French language. Greg even went to the US for a while to promote his character, but it failed.
  • Alix
    • Jacques Martin created this genre where the story takes place during the Roman antiquity.
    • He started with Alix, and then created a modern version of the character with Lefranc (below).
  • Lefranc
    • The other major character created by Jacques Martin.
    • Some of the stories in this series are just very good.
    • My favorite might be Le Repaire du loup, drawn by Bob de Moor, which is a masterpiece of the genre. Unfortunately, de Moor was not allowed by the Studios Hergé to continue working on Lefranc.
  • Blake et Mortimer (the original series)
    • You can just read and re-read these albums without ever tiring of them.
  • Thorgal
    • This is a excellent series which mixes northern mythology, science-fiction at times, always with adventure.
    • The art by Grzegorz Rosiński has evolved over time from album 1 to album 36 (1980 to 2018). Album 37, from 2019, features a new cartoonist, Fred Vignaux.
    • Jean Van Hamme (1-29), Yves Sente (30-34), Xavier Dorison (35), Yann (36-37).