Posts Reading plan: February 1 checkin

Reading plan: February 1 checkin

This is my February 1 checkin following my Books I plan to read in 2014 post.

January was a short month as I posted my resolution on January 20 only.

The good news is that I have finished The Organ from its Invention in the Hellenistic Period to the end of the Thirteenth Century by Jean Perrot. This has kept me busy (or in the back of my head) for about 4 months! I have pretty complete reading notes.

While technically “reading the book” is done, I would like to write a synthesis of what I have learned.

So my goals for February are:

  • write that synthesis
  • pick the next book to read and start in February

I am shooting for 10 serious reading days this month, for a total of 5 hours.