Posts Reading plan: July checkin

Reading plan: July checkin

My goals for the month of June were:

  • spend 3 quality hours
  • complete synthesis of the organ book

I spent 5 hours in June, which is good as that means I did more than planned! However that was not enough to complete that synthesis.

It’s already mid-July and I have spent another hour on the synthesis. For the rest of the month, I will continue on the synthesis and try to have a closure on it, spending about 2 more hours.

For next month, I want to separate the tasks:

  • planned reading
  • writing about what I read

I do not plan to write about all the books I read, certainly not in depth. Still, if I want to read at least one other book this year, I better start doing the reading part regularly, and if writing is needed consider that a separately planned task.