Posts Reading plan: May 1 checkin

Reading plan: May 1 checkin

My goals for the end of March were:

  • 3 quality hours of reading
  • complete synthesis of the organ book
  • pick the next book to read and start in March

In March, I did spend 2 hours out of the 3 planned, but that wasn’t quite enough to complete the synthesis, and I haven’t picked the next book yet.

In April, I completely dropped the ball: I missed the April 1 checkin and didn’t do anything related to my reading plan during the month.

I had scheduled 1/2 hour on the reading plan each Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. But I found myself “too busy” or too guilty to take that time off work. Yet it’s too difficult to find quality time late in the evening.

So for May, let’s try to get back on the wagon and to do 3 hours spread over the whole month. Otherwise, same goals: complete the synthesis, and pick the next book.