Erik's Ponderings

California driver license renewal

My last US driver license expired in 2004 and I had to get it renewed. Here is how it went:<ul><li>Setup appointment at the San Mateo DMV with their online form (if you don’t get an a...

Disabling (and managing) keyboard shortcuts in Firefox

I am a big user of SLIMTIMER. Not a minute is spent at work without it running, and more and more I am using it for personal tasks as well.I run the Timer in the Firefox sidebar. However, I have co...

The OS X Tiger terminal doesn't support accents

I was stunned to realize that the Mac OS X Tiger terminal doesn’t support accents (and other non-ASCII characters) by default. This includes pasting accented characters in the terminal, listing fil...

A new blog engine for my personal blog

As I just did for, I switched to using Blogger for my personal blog, and my personal web site will just aggregate the Atom feed. A promise for more posts in the future? I hope so :-)